[Basic Knowledge] Tokyo Tower / Symbol of Tokyo, long time


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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Tokyo Tower’ in Japan

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What is Tokyo Tower

‘Tokyo Tower’ is a tower to distribute radio waves, whose has 333 meters high. There are two observatory space. First one is in 125 meters high and second one is in 225 meters high, where we can enjoy the view of Tokyo. We can access there with elevator and stairway.

Basic knowledge of ‘Tokyo Tower’

  • Tower to distribute radio waves
  • Height is 333 meters high
  • 1st observatory deck is in 125 meters high
  • 2nd observatory deck is in 225 meters high
  • Go up by both elevators and stairways


‘Tokyo Tower’ was build in 1958. It took one year and half for building. In 2011, due to mega earthquake in eastern Japan, top of tower was leaning 2 degrees. Fortunately, no one damaged in this tower, in earthquake. In 2012, as higher tower, ‘Tokyo Sky Tree’ was opened, ‘Tokyo Tower became second highest steel tower in Japan.

History of ‘Tokyo Tower’

  • Built in 1958
  • 1959 Started to deliver radio waves for television
  • 1995 Total visitor over 150 millions
  • 2011 Damaged by mega earthquake
  • 2012 Became 2nd highest, as another tower opened

Tokyo Tower as symbol

‘Tokyo Tower’ is a symbol of Tokyo long time. Especially, for people who came to Tokyo from countryside, ‘Tokyo Tower’ is a special location. It reminds them of emotions of dreams and wishes when they were to Tokyo. Other than that, ‘Tokyo Tower’ was a symbol of economic growth in Japan, as when it was built, Japan was on the way of recovery from damage of WWII.

Tokyo Tower as symbol

  • Symbol of Tokyo
    • Especially for people from country side
    • People feel Tokyo when they see Tokyo Tower
  • Symbol of growth of economy
    • Recovery from damage of WWII
    • Start of growth of economy in Japan in 1950’s


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


‘Tokyo Tower’ in sunset time is really nice.

What is ‘Tokyo Tower’ in Japan

  • Tower to distribute radio wave
  • Built in 1958
  • Symbol of growth of Japan, in 20th century


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To enjoy the view, I would like to recommend to go there in night. It’s very nice to see the night view from ‘Tokyo Tower. And also, it’s beautiful to see ‘Tokyo Tower’. The tower is illuminated with orange usually. And in special day, it changes to other colors, such as blue, pink, etc.

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