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What is ‘Jinsei Game’ ??

How to play it ?

I wrote this article to clear your question about ‘Jinsei Game’ very popular board game in Japan.

I would like to explain about the topic with mainly two parts.

  • Basic knowledge of Jinsei Game in Japan
  • Deep Diving with answering questions
    • History
    • How to play it
    • Price
    • Events, etc

In first part, you can get basic information about ‘Jinsei Game’ in Japan.

And next, I would like to introduce more details, with style of answering questions. You can get information with cherry pick style, in stead of reading long article.

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What is ‘Jinsei Game’ ?

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‘Jinsei Game’ is very popular board game in Japan.

‘Jinsei’ means ‘Life’ in Japanese. Players live their lives in this game.

Players are going to the goal step by step in line with consequent squares, based on the roulette. In each square, life events are described such as find job, having luck, lost money, etc. Players have to follow to life events in each square.

The winner is who has largest money at goal.

What is Jinsei Game ?
  • Very popular board game in Japan
  • Playing with multiple players
  • Moving step by step based on roulette
  • Player who Goal with largest money is the winner

Deep Diving into Jinsei Game in Japan

I would like to introduce more information about Jinsei Game in Japan, in this paragraph with Q & A style, so that you can access information easily.

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No, Prototype of ‘Jinsei Game’ is in USA.

The producer, Milton Bradley started sales of board game, ‘The game of life’ in 1960. Japanese Toy Manufacturer, Takara made business partnership with Milton Bradley and started sales in Japan in 1968.

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Quotation Sauce:TakaraTomy webpage

Jinsei Game have history more than 50 years in Japan.

  • 1968 Started sales in Japan with translation of US version
  • 1983 Japanese own version released
  • 1991 Ported to Video Game
  • 2016 7th Generation released as latest version

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The price of Jinsei Game is JPY 3,980. (Jinsei Game 7th Generation)

We can buy it at department stores, electronics retailers, toy stores, in Japan. Of course, we can get it in internet market.

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Quotation Sauce:TakaraTomy webpage

Jinsei Game is for playing with 2-6 people. Target Age is above 6 years old.

Taking action by rotation, until everyone arrive at Goal

  • Turning roulette
  • Go forward step as per the number of roulette
  • Follow the order of stopped square

The player having largest money is the winner of the game !

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The beauty of the ‘Jinsei Game’ is action in each squares.

Player need to follow events in each squares. Some of the events are crazy and some are realistic. The event always gives players lot of fun.

  • Example of the events in ‘Jinsei Game’
    • Catch a cold, paying treatment cost $3,000
    • Lost mobile phone, paying $25,000
    • Find oil field, getting $80,000
    • Repair UFO, getting rewards $3,000
    • Lost a way, skip your next turn

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The outline of the game is almost same, between ‘Jinsei Game’ as Japanese product and ‘The Game of Life’ as US products.

The largest difference between two products is contents of action in each squares. In Japanese version, the action is based on Japanese culture.

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