Jinsei Game | Very popular board game in Japan, with various events in the life, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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  • Various events in ‘Jinsei Game’ in Japan
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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Jinsei Game’ in Japan, as very popular long seller products.

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What is ‘Jinsei Game’

quotation source :https://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/jinsei/product/jinsei_7th/index.html

‘Jinsei Game’ is very popular board game in Japan. Players are going to the goal step by step in line with consequent squares, based on the roulette. In each square, life events are described such as find job, having luck, lost money, etc. Players have to follow to life events in each square. The winner is who has largest money at goal.

Basic knowledge of ’Jinsei Game’

  • Very popular board game in Japan
  • Playing with multiple players
  • Moving step by step based on roulette
  • Player who Goal with largest money is the winner

Player who got much money is the winner of ‘Jinsei Game’ !

History of ‘Jinsei Game’

quotation source :https://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/jinsei/whats/index.html

Prototype of ‘Jinsei Game’ is in USA, ‘The game of life’ in 1960. The toy manufacturer, Takara started sales in Japan with license in 1968, as ‘Jinsei Game’ (‘Jinsei’ means ‘Life’). After that, ‘Jinsei Game’ made own development in Japan. And more than 60 types of ‘Jinsei Game’ was released in Japan.

History of ‘Jinsei Game’

  • Originally in USA, ‘The game of life’ in 1960
  • Takara, started sales in 1968 with license
  • ‘Jinsei Game’ means ‘The game of life’, direct translation
  • More than 60 types of Jinsei Game released in Japan

Everybody knows ‘Jinsei Game’ in Japan !

Various events in ‘Jinsei Game’

quotation source :https://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/jinsei/product/new-jinsei/images/board01.jpg

The format of ‘Jinsei Game’ remains unchanged, since start of sales in Japan. However, there are many time of updates in description of events in each squares on board. Some of the events are crazy and some are realistic. The event always gives players lot of fun.

Example of the events in ‘Jinsei Game’

  • Catch a cold, paying treatment cost $3,000
  • Lost mobile phone, paying $25,000
  • Find oil field, getting $80,000
  • Repair UFO, getting rewards $3,000
  • Lost a way, skip your next turn

Crazy event make ‘Jinsei Game’ exiting !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Jisei Game’ in Japan

  • Popular board game in Japan, player goal with largest money is the winner
  • Started sales in 1968, imported from USA
  • Long seller toy in Japan
  • Own development in Japan, exiting events happen in the game


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