Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu | Popular toy with simple playability, jumping pirate, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

quotation source : https://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/kurohige/products/001.html
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What is ‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’

quotation source : https://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/kurohige/asobikata/

‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’ is very popular toy in Japan. It’s play with multiple people. Players stab a knife to the brown barrel in which pirate is trapped. It would be a loser whose knife make pirate jumping out. It’s really exiting and thrilling game for everyone from younger to elder.

Basic knowledge of ’Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’

  • Very popular toy in Japan
  • Producer is Takara-Tomy
  • Pirate trapped in brown barrel
  • Player stab knife to the barrel one by one
  • People who make pirate jumped out is a loser

‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’ is really exciting game !

History of ‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’

quotation source : https://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/kurohige/museum/1970.html

‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’ was released in 1975. In next year, it was played on regular TV program, which makes ‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’ very popular all over Japan. Initially, player who make pirate jump was a winner. However, the rule was changed in 1990’s, as people play with opposite rule, actually.

History of ‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’

  • 1975 Started sales of Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu
  • 1976 Played in TV program and getting popular
  • Initially definition of winner was different
  • Rule was updated in 1990’s

‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’ has history more than 45 years in Japan !

Variety of ‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’

quotation source : https://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/kurohige/products/

Until 2020, there were many kinds of ‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’ game, released in Japan. Many kind of characters are jumping up from barrel, on behalf of the pirate, for example, Pikachu, DORAEMON, Minion, Buzz Lightyear, hello Kitty, etc. It’s expected that various ‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’ will be released in future.

More information about ‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’

  • Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu with characters
    • Pikachu
    • Doraemon
    • Minion, Buzz Lightyear
    • Japanese comedian (Sugi-Chan, Doburock)
    • Hello Kitty

Various characters are available for ‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’ !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu’ in Japan

  • Popular toy, by Takara-Tomy
  • Started sales in 1975
  • Stabbing knifes to barrel. Player who make pirate jump is loser


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