Momotaro Dentetsu | Very popular video game, to be owner of Railway company, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to introduce very famous video game, ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’ in Japan.

You may get knowledge about ‘Momotaro Dentetsy’, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun ! 


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What is ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’

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‘Momotaro Dentetsu’ is very popular software of video game in Japan. The latest one is released for Nintendo switch. Players became owner of railway company and play with two targets, moving to station setting as goal, and earning money. There are so many events happen during a game.

Basic knowledge of ’Momotaro Dentetsu’

  • Very popular video game in Japan
  • Manufactured by Konami
  • Latest one is released for Nintendo switch
  • Player became owner of railway company
  • Playing for two goals, moving to goal, and earning much money

I like to play ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’ with my friends. It will be all night playing, sometimes.

History of ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’

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The first ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’ was released in 1988, for hardware, Family computer. In next year, new product was released for other hardware, PC engine, Gameboy. In 1992, released for Super Famicom, in 1997, for PlayStation. ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’ was released, as soon as new hardware of video game was developed. Until now, there were more than 20 of ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’ was released in Japan.

History of ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’

  • 1988 Initial product released, for family computer
  • 1989 released for hardware, PC engine, Gameboy
  • 1990’s released for super famicom, PlayStation, Gamegear
  • 2000’s released for PlayStation2, GameCube, wii, X-Box, etc
  • 2020 released latest product for Nintendo switch

‘Momotaro Dentetsu’ has history more than 30 years !

‘Bimbo Gami’ in ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’

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One of unique point of ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’ is the character, ‘Bimbo Gami’. ‘Bimbo’ means ‘Poor’ and ‘Gami’ is ‘God’. ‘Bimbo Gami’ prevent players from earning money. Sometimes ‘Bimbo Gami’ transform into ‘King Bombee’ and take off money from players with unreasonable way. It gives additional excitement to the players.

More information about ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’

  • Very unique character ‘Bimbo Gami’
    • Prevent players from earning money
    • Often transform into ‘King Bombee’
    • Take off money from players with unreasonable way
    • Giving extra excitement to the players

I also like to play ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’ with my sons. It’s my precious time.


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Momotato Dentetsu’ in Japan

  • Famous video game, for two targets, to move goal, to earn money
  • Products of Konami
  • First product was release in 1988
  • ‘Binbo Gami’ disturb players, which makes game exited


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