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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Nintendo’ in Japan

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What is ‘Nintendo’

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‘Nintendo’ is very famous manufacturer in Japan. Head office is located in Kyoto. Needless to say, main product of ‘Nintendo’ is home gaming console, and its software. Other than that, ‘Nintendo’ make various products for entertainment, like card game, board game, etc.

Basic information about ‘Nintendo’

  • Manufacturer of entertainment items
  • Head office is in Kyoto
  • Products of Nintendo
    • home game console and software
    • Playing cards, Japanese ’Hanafuda’, ‘Caruta’
    • Board game, Mahjong, Shogi, Igo

‘Nintendo’ is not only for game machines !

History of ‘Nintendo’

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‘Nintendo’ was established in 1889 in Kyoto, as maker of Japanese game cards, ‘Hanafuda’. They made game cards and board games longtime. Then, in 1983, home console, ‘Family computer’ was developed. After that, Nintendo became big company.

History of ‘Nintendo’

  • 1889 Established in Kyoto as maker of ‘Hanafuda’
  • 1902 First manufacture of playing cards in Japan
  • 1980 Portable game ‘game & watch’ released
  • 1983 ‘Family computer’ released
  • 1985 Software, ‘Super Mario Brothers’ released

‘Nintendo’ has history more than 100 years in Japan !

Various game machines of ‘Nintendo’

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‘Nintendo’ provided various products of gaming machines, after release of ‘Family computer’. Most of ‘Nintendo’ products had large share in Japanese market, like super family computer, wii, etc. The products of ‘Nintendo’ always make people happy.

Products of Nintendo till 2020

  • Home game consoles
    • Family computer, Super Famicon
    • Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game Cube
    • wii, wii U, Nintendo switch
  • Portable game machines
    • Gameboy, Gameboy advance
    • Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS
    • Nintendo switch light

My sons play ‘Nintendo switch’ almost everyday.


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Nintendo’ in Japan

  • Very famous Manufacturer of video game in Japan
  • Head office is in Kyoto city
  • Established in 1899, as manufacturer of card game
  • In 1983, released family computer and significantly developed


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Nintendo products are very popular in Japan longtime. Actually, I played ‘Family computer’ very well in my childhood. And my two sons play Nintendo switch every day. It’s almost essential item in my family.


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