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I wrote this article to introduce ‘Yakyu-ban’, as popular Japanese product and to clear your question about it.

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  • Introduction of ‘Yakyu-ban’ in Japan
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    • History
    • Real Yakyu-Ban
    • Price
    • Size, etc

In first part, you can get basic information about ‘Yakyu-ban’ in Japan.

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What is ‘Yakyu-ban’ ?

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‘Yakyu-ban’ is famous toy in Japan.

‘Yakyu’ means ‘baseball’ and ‘ban’ means ‘board’. It’s toy to play baseball. People play baseball game in line with actual baseball rules. People can throw a breaking ball.

Although it’s kind of toy, people play baseball with much excitement.

Introduction of Yakyu-Ban
  • Popular toy in Japan
  • To play baseball on board
  • Well designed to play in line with actual rules
  • Breaking ball available

Deep Diving into Yakyu-Ban in Japan

I would like to introduce more information about Yakyu-Ban in Japan, in this paragraph with Q & A style, so that you can access information easily.

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I hope you can clear your question in this part.

Yakyu-Ban has history more than 60 years in Japan.

In 1958, first ‘Yakyu-ban’ was released by producer, Epoch. At that time, baseball was king of entertainment in Japan. So ‘Yakyu-ban’ was sold very well. Epoch made improvements in product continuously, setting function ‘disappear ball’ , design of field, etc. ‘Yakyu-ban’ is still have support of consumers.

  • 1958 First products of Yakyu-ban released
  • 1959 Added breaking ball function
  • 1972 Added ‘Disappear ball’ function
  • 1977 Added multi ball system
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‘REAL Yakyu-Ban’ is popular seasonal special TV program in Japan.

As ‘Yakyu-ban’ has large popularity, it became seasonal TV program. Presenter is very famous comedian Mr. Takaaki Ishibashi.

He play baseball with professional baseball players, in actual baseball field, closely realized ‘Yakyu-ban’. It’s popular program as seasonal special broadcast.

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Yakyu-Ban is available in various places in Japan

  • Toy-stores
  • Electronics Retailers
  • Department Stores

Author’s research in Yokohama city

Price of Yakyu-Ban is between range from JPY 4,900 – 12,000 (+Tax).

  • Standard Yakyu-Ban : JPY 4,900
  • Yakyu-Ban Super control : JPY 8,000
  • Yakyu-Ban Monster control : JPY 12,000

Author’s research in Yokohama city

Yakyu-Ban is squared shape with 50cm each side.

  • Standard Yakyu-Ban : W425×D425×H135(mm)
  • Yakyu-Ban Super control : W425×D425×H135(mm)
  • Yakyu-Ban Monster control : W530×D530×H135(mm)

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