Hatsuyume | Fortune telling in new year day in Japan, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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  • Happy items in ‘Hatsuyume’ in Japan
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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Hatsuyume’ as traditional event in Japan.

You may get knowledge of ‘Hatsuyume’, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun !


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What is ‘Hatsuyume’

‘Hatsuyume’ is very popular traditional event in Japan. ‘Hatsu’ means ‘Initial, first’, ‘Yume’ means ‘Dream’. So ‘Hatsuyume’ is ‘First dream having new year day’. It’s not having on 31st. Dec – 1st. Jan, but on 1st. Jan – 2nd. Jan. It’s said that very good things will happen, if Mt. Fuji is on dream in ‘Hatsuyume’.

Basic knowledge of ’Hatsuyume’

  • Very famous traditional event on new year day
  • The dream having on new year day
  • It’s not on 31st.Dec – 1st.Jan, but on 1st -2nd.Jan
  • It’s said that dream of Mt. Fuji brings very good things in that year

‘Hatsuyume’ in new year day bring us happiness !

History of ‘Hatsuyume’

The custom of ‘Hatsuyume’ have very long history in Japan. There was a description of ‘Hatsuyume’ on literature in Kamakura era, in 12th century. Until middle of 19th century, ‘Hatsuyume’ was on Luna new year day. In Meiji era, in 19th century, Japanese calendar changed to solar calendar and changed to current style.

History of ‘Hatsuyume’

  • Unknown when this custom was started
  • There was descriptions on literature in 12th century
  • Until Edo era, 19th century, it was on Luna new year day
  • In Meiji era, in mid of 19th century, it became based on solar calendar

‘Hatsuyume’ has long history, popular event in Japan !

Happy Items in ‘Hatsuyume’

There’s a very famous phase about ‘Hatsuyume’, ‘Ichi Fuji, Ni Taka, San Nasubi’. It is about top three items very good for Hatsuyume, 1. Mt. Fuji, 2. Hawk, 3. Eggplant. It’s not clear why these are top three, however, it’s said that it’s coming from 1. Getting higher place, 2. Getting target, 3. Getting harvest. This theory was spread around 200 years ago and still existing.

More information about ‘Hatsuyume’

  • Very famous items good for Hatsuyume
    • 1. Mt. Fuji (Ichi Fuji)
    • 2. Hawk (Ni Taka)
    • 3. Eggplant (San Nasubi)
  • These are more than 200 years of history

I saw Mt. Fuji in ‘Hatsuyume’ in this year, which is first time in my life.
The year gonna be happy !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Hatsuyume’ in Japan

  • Dream in bed, as fortune-telling, between 1st January to next day
  • It was since 12th century, at least
  • Mt. Fuji, Hawks, Eggplant are happy item in ‘Hatsuyume’


Thank you very much for your reading and see you again !