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Hina Matsuri is very important event in Japan. Most of Japanese have experience to enjoy this event with family and friends. This page is to explain basic knowledge of Hina Matsuri in Japan to you.

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‘Hina-matsuri’ is one of important event in Japanese life. It is to celebrate growth of the girls. The family who has girl display ‘Hina Ningyo’, to celebrate growth of daughters.

The day of Hina Matsuri is 3rd. March. Although everyone know this day and it is very traditional event, the day of Hina Matsuri is not national holiday in Japan.

People celebrate Hina Matsuri with flowers of peach, in Japan, as it is in the season of peach blossoms. Hina Matsuri has another naming, ‘Momo no Sekku’. ‘Momo’ means ‘Peach’, ‘Sekku’ means ‘important day’.

Hina Matsuri has more than 1000 years of history in Japan.

It’s not clear when this tradition was started and its origin. However, it’s said that in Heian era (794-1185), Hina-asobi as prototype of Hina-matsuri was held by the person in aristocracy at that time in Kyoto. In Edo era (1603-1868), the style of Hina-matsuri was getting near to current one. The tradition was spread all over Japan.

Hina Ningyo is very traditional dolls in Japan. People display Dolls are in Hina Matsuri day to celebrate growth of girls.

Dolls are with very old style gorgeous Japanese dresses, while style of Hina Ningyo is slightly different in each area (e.g Kyoto, in western and Tokyo in eastern)

Hina Matsuri is generally made as family event. It’s not popular to display Hina-Ningyo in public space. People withdraw dolls as soon as Hina Matsuri day is ended.

It’s rather difficult for tourists to see Hina Ningyo in Japan, as Hina Matsuri is basically home event. However, in January and February as the sales season of Hina Ningyo, many of Hina Ningyo are on sale at the department stores in Japan.

In other season, if you really want to get Hina Ningyo, you need to go to dealer of Hina Ningyo. Major dealers are located in Asakusa Area in Tokyo and Matcha Machi Area in Osaka.

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Quiz Game #3 | Hina Matsuri

When is the day of Hina Matsuri ?

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Hina Matsuri has long history in Japan. Is it since when ?

Which is Hina Ningyo ?

What is the symbolic flower of Hina Matsuri ?

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What kind of event is Hina Matsuri ?

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Hina Matsuri is very popular event especially for family who has daughter. I only have sons, however, when I was a child, my parents displayed Hina Ningyo for my sister. It was so beautiful.


Hina Ningyo is so beautiful !

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