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What is ‘Kadomatsu’ ?

Why do Japanese display it ?

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    • Meaning of the material
    • History
    • Location to see

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What is Kadomatsu

Kadomatsu is a item to celebrate new year, in Japan. When we, Japanese, see this item, feeling that new year is coming.

Kadomatsu is made of Pipe Tree and Bamboo. And adding other materials, like plum tree, Nandina fruits, flowering kales, etc to put color on Kadomatsu.

‘Kado’ means ‘Gate’, and ‘Matsu’ does ‘Pipe Tree’. Kadomatsu is mainly displayed at gate of the building.

What is Kadomatsu
  • Item to celebrate new year
  • Made of Pipe Tree and Bamboo
  • Displayed in new year days
  • Displayed at gate of the building

Deep Diving into Kadomatsu in Japan

I would like to introduce more information about Kadomatsu in Japan, in this paragraph with Q & A style, so that you can access information easily.

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It’s said that a god, ‘Toshigami’ visit houses to bring happiness in new year days. ‘Kadomatsu’ is displayed at gate to welcome ‘Toshigami god’ into the building.

Reference : Hibiyakadan webpage

It’s said that Kadomatsu has a power to give energy to people

  • Pipe tree is symbol of vitality
  • Bamboo is symbol of prosperity

Reference : Satoyamasupport webpage

It’s said that it is good to place Kadomatsu in 13th.Dec – 28th.Dec.

Removal date is different in each area of Japan. In earlier case, Kadomatsu is removed in night of 6th.Jan. And in later case, it is removed in 15th.Jan.

Sauce : Hana Cupid webpage

The tradition to display pine tree is coming from China around 9th or 10th century. Then, Japanese added bamboo around 13th century.

  • The custom is originally in China
  • Come to Japan in 9-10th century
  • Added bamboo in 13th century
  • We can still see Kadomatsu in 21st century

Reference : Kadomatsu Japan webpage

Possible location of seeing Kadomatsu

  • Department stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Entrance of office building
  • Large mansion residential house
  • Shrines, temples

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