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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Maneki Neko’ as very traditional item in Japanese society.

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What is ‘Maneki Neko’

‘Maneki Neko’ is very traditional item well known in Japan. It’s ornament of cat. ‘Maneki’ means ‘invite’ and ‘Neko’ means ‘Cat’. It’s said that ‘Maneki Neko’ invite happiness to the owner. ‘Maneki Neko’ is generally made from ceramic. ‘Maneki Neko’ is very familiar with Japanese people as lucky item.

Basic knowledge of ’Maneki Neko’

  • Traditional item in Japan
  • ‘Maneki’ means ‘Invite’, ‘Neko’ does ‘Cat’
  • It’s said that Maneki Neko invite happiness to owner
  • It’s made from ceramic, generally

‘Maneki Neko’ is very popular lucky item in Japan !

History of ‘Maneki Neko’

It’s unclear when tradition of ‘Maneki Neko’ was started and who created first ‘Maneki Neko’. However, it’s said that it was started in Edo era, in 17th century. The production area is in Aichi prefecture, where is many factories of ceramic products.

History of ‘Maneki Neko’

  • Unclear when this tradition was started
  • Unclear who created Maneki Neko
  • It’s said that it was started in 17th century
  • Production area is in Aichi prefecture

We can see ‘Maneki Neko’ all over Japan !

Benefits by ‘Maneki Neko’

There are two types of ‘Maneki Neko’, right hand up and left hand up. It’s said that ‘Maneki Neko’ with right hand up invites much money, and ‘Maneki Neko’ with left hand up invites good person. It’s not popular with both hands up. We can see ‘Maneki Neko’ in various places, in counter of shops, restaurants, etc.

More information about ‘Maneki Neko’

  • Two types of ‘Maneki Neko’ in Japan
  • Right hand up may invite much money
  • Left hand up may invite persons with good match
  • We can see ‘Maneki Neko’ at counters of shops, restaurants etc

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In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Maneki Neko’ in Japan

  • Ceramic Cat figurine, inviting happiness to owner
  • It’s said that custom was started in 17th century
  • Right hands up invite money, left hands invite good match person


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