Yunomi | Pottery bowl to drink Japanese tea, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to make brief explanations about ‘Yunomi’ in Japan

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What is ‘Yunomi’

‘Yunomi’ is traditional item in Japan. It’s to drink Japanese tea or hot water. ‘Yunomi’ doesn’t have any handle. And the shape is generally cylindrical or bowl type. Generally, it’s made from pottery or rarely from plastic. The pronunciation of ‘Yunomi’ is very similar to ‘You know me’.

Basic knowledge of ’Yunomi’

  • Traditional item in Japan to drink tea
  • The shape is cylindrical or bowl type
  • Made from ceramic
  • Pronunciation is like ‘You Know me’

‘Yunomi’ is nice for souvenir in Japan !

History of ‘Yunomi’

The pottery to drink tea is coming from China, together with custom to drink tea, in Nara era, in 8th century. In development of tea ceremon, pottery to drink is spread in Japanese upper society. In Edo era, in 18th century, to drink tea with ‘Yunomi’ is spread to other society. Now, ‘Yunomi’ is very popular in Japan.

History of ‘Yunomi’

  • The pottery is coming from China
  • The custom to drink tea is also from China
  • Tea ceremony is developed in Japan
  • Yunomi is spread in Japan

‘Yunomi’ is very traditional in Japan !

Usefulness of ‘Yunomi’

Most popular usage of ‘Yunomi’ is to drink hot green tea. As green tea is fitting with Japanese food very well, we can see ‘Yunomi’ at Japanese restaurant. Especially, in Sushi restaurant, not rounded, ‘Yunomi’ is essential item. As Yunomi and Sushi is with good combination, we can see ‘Yunomi’ with design of Sushi in Japan.

More information about ‘Yunomi’

  • Mainly to drink green tea
  • Yunomi with green tea is fitting with Japanese cuisine, especially Sushi
  • People easily associate Yunomi with Sushi
  • There are Yunomi with design around Sushi, (Sushi ingredients in Kanji literature)

‘Yunomi’ is essential item in eating SUSHI !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Yunomi’ in Japan

  • Pottery with cylindrical or bowl shape, to drink tea or hot water
  • In 18th century, the custom was spread, to have drink tea with ‘Yunomi’
  • In Sushi Restaurant, ‘Yunomi’ is essential item


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