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Yunomi is very popular item in Japanese life. As this is traditional, people from younger to elder generations use this item.

Today, I would like to explain about Yunomi in Japan. You will have proper information about Yunomi, after reading this page.

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You can get detailed knowledge of Yunomi as item common in Japan, though 10 things to know about it. All of commentaries are by Japanese webmaster, based on experience of Japanese life.

10 things to know about ‘Yumomi’

In this paragraph, I would like to introduce Yunomi to you. Let me explain 10 things to know about this item, so that you can get knowledge easily and smoothly.

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‘Yunomi’ is kind of Japanese cup. The shape is generally cylindrical or tall form bowl-shaped. ‘Yunomi’ doesn’t have any handle.

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‘Yunomi’ consists of two words, ‘Yu’ means ‘Hot water’ and ‘Nomi’ does ‘drink’.

In old era, ‘Yunomi’ was called ‘Yunomi Chawan’ (‘Chawan’ is kind of pottery, to have tea). And it changed to be short, ‘Yunomi’.

Reference : https://gogen-yurai.jp/chawan/

‘Yunomi’ is kind of pottery, it is made from clay. It’s not popular, however, we see some ‘Yunomi’ made from other materials, such as plastic, glass, kind of metals, etc.

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Yunomi is mainly used to drink ‘Hot Green Tea’.

It is not bad to have other drinks, such as coffee, milk, juice, alcohol, etc. However, in general, ‘Yunomi’ is not used for these drinks. So Japanese feel strangeness when ‘Yunomi’ is used to serve coffee and juices.    

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As ‘Yunomi’ is quite popular item, we can get it in various places in Japan.

‘Yunomi’ is available in large size supermarket, like Ito-Yokado, AEON, OK stores, etc, and also in home centers (Kind of hardware store), like Shimachu, Cainz, etc, General merchandise stores, like  MUJI, NITORI, etc, and 100 YEN shop, like DAISO, Can do, Seria, etc., and department stores, like Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi, Daimaru, etc. It is also available at some souvenir shops in tourist areas.

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‘Yunomi’ is available from JPY 100 to more than JPY 1 million.

As ‘Yunomi’ is very traditional item, it is sometimes priced with artistic value. In that case, the price is unlimited. However, in most of cases, ‘Yunomi’ is available with price less than JPY 2,000. We can get it with very reasonable prices.

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The pottery to drink tea is coming from China, together with custom to drink tea, in Nara era, in 8th century. In development of tea ceremon, pottery to drink is spread in Japanese upper society. In Edo era, in 18th century, to drink tea with ‘Yunomi’ is spread to other society. Now, ‘Yunomi’ is very popular in Japan.

Reference: jtopia

Yunomi is one of pottery products. So you can get good quality Yunomi in production area of pottery. The famous pottery products and its production area are as follows :

  • Kutani Yaki in Ishikawa
  • Kiyomizu Yaki in Kyoto
  • Shigaraki Yaki in Shiga
  • Seto Yaki in Aichi
  • Mashiko Yaki in Tochigi
  • Bizen Yaki in Okayama
  • Arita Yaki in Saga
  • Imari Yaki in Saga
  • Hasami Yaki in Nagasaki  

Reference : https://minne.com/mag/articles/2500

There are two theories.

The first one is with historical background of Japanese tea culture. In the past, it took rather long time to make tea. Even pouring hot water to ‘Yunomi’, as it took long time, tea was getting cold when people have it. So there was no need to put handle on ‘Yunomi.

The other one is to feel temperature of tea through ‘Yunomi’. It’s said that Japanese tea is good to have around body temperate. So it’s nice to have tea after people can have ‘Yunomi’ directly with one’s hands.

Reference : goo.ne.jp

Tea is generally served with ‘Yunomi’, like Sushi restaurants, Soba restaurants, Tempura restaurants, etc. Please try to have Japanese tea with ‘Yunomi’ in these places !

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