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I have started SNS, Twitter !


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I want to get information about Japan by Twitter !


No problem, I would like to introduce TOP 5 popular Twitter account in Japan. You can follow them !

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Yusaku Maezawa (@yousuck2020)

Quotation Sauce : @yousuck2020

Mr. Yusaku Maezawa is founder of ‘ZOZO town’ as famous EC service of apparel in Japan, who has more than 10 millions of followers.

He often distribute his money to followers, which is one of the reason why he got so many followers.

  • Followers: More than 10 millions
  • Founder of EC site, ‘Zozo town’ in Japan
  • Famous millionaire in Japan
  • Plan to make space travel in near future
  • Distributing money to followers sometimes

He will go to travel to space station soon !

Hitoshi Matsumoto (@matsu_bouzu)

Quotation Sauce : @matsu_bouzu

Mr. Hitoshi Matsumoto is very famous comedian in Japan, who has a lot of TV program longtime.

He tweets various things from his unique view, which is one of the reason why he has many of followers.

  • Followers : More than 8 millions
  • Very famous comedian in Japan
  • Tweeting from very unique view

He is my favorite comedian !

Hiroiki Ariyoshi (@ariyoshihiroiki)

Quotation Sauce :@ariyoshihiroiki

Mr. Hiroiki Ariyoshi is also very famous comedian in Japan. He has a lot of TV program, as well as Mr. Hitoshi Matsumoto.

He always make very peaceful tweets about his friends, which is one of the reason why people follow him.

  • Followers : More than 7.5 millions
  • Very famous comedian in Japan
  • Tweeting very peaceful things

I really like his TV program !

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu (@pamyurin)

Quotation Sauce :@pamyurin

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is very famous musician in Japan, who sing ‘Kawaii’ songs. She has her own world building with much of ‘Kawaii’. Many of people follow her to get her view.

  • Followers : More than 5 millions
  • Very famous Musician in Japan
  • Tweeting ‘Kawaii’ things

She delivers ‘Kawaii’ to the world long time !

Hajime Syacho (@hajimesyacho)

Quotation Sauce :@hajimesyacho

Hajime Syacho is very famous YouTuber in Japan and this is his official account of Twitter. He noticed updated situation of his channel and latest activities, by Twitter.

  • Followers : More than 4.5 millions
  • Very famous YouTuber in Japan
  • Tweeting latest situation around his YouTube channel

His movie is challenging !


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TOP 5 Twitter accounts in Japan


Twitter is very popular SNS in Japan !

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