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Sakura is the most popular flower in Japan. We can see a lot of Sakura Trees all over Japan actually. This page is to explain basic knowledge of Sakura in Japan to you.

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The season of Sakura is mainly from March to April. Sakura start blossoms from South to North. In end of March, Sakura start blossoms in Pacific Ocean side. Then, in beginning of May, blossoms will finally arrive at Hokkaido Island

Sakura blossom only one week in a year. Japanese people are really looking forward to see Sakura every year. You can see a lot of smile in Japan in this season under the tree of Sakura.

Sakura Mochi is kind of sticky rice cake. The color is Pink, coated by salted Sakura leafRed-bean paste is inside of rice cake. Salty and sweet flavors are really nice.

Although we can eat Sakura mochi whole year, the main season of Sakura mochi is Sakura blossoms period. People enjoy to see Sakura blossoms with eating Sakura mochi.

The most popular cultivar of Sakura is ‘Somei Yoshino’. Cultivar development in end of Edo era (19th century). All trees of Somei Yoshino are clone of original one. Somei Yoshino blossoms first, then foliation.

There are other cultivars of Sakura in Japan.

This is ‘Yae-Zakura’. ‘Yae’ means ‘multilayered’. There are multilayered flower petals in blossoms of Yae Zakura.

‘Higan Zakura’ is also one of cultivar of Sakura in Japan. ‘Higan’ is name of season around mid of March. ‘Higan Zakura’ blossom earlier than Somei Yoshino.

‘Shidare-Zakura’ is also one of cultivar of Sakura. ‘Shidare’ means ‘Hanging down branches’. The flowers on hanging down branch are so beautiful.

Yes. Sakura is very popular first name in Japan. Both Kanji and Hiragana are available for this name. Sakura is mainly named for female. It is getting popular since 1990’s.

Sakura is also used for family name. So an name, ‘Sakura Sakura’ is theoretically possible as Japanese name.

Famous person with first name ‘Sakura’

  • Sakura Ando (Actress)
  • Sakura Yokomine (Golfer)
  • Sakura Yosozumi (Gold Medalist of Skateboarding in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020)

Famous person with family name ‘Sakura’

  • Momoko Sakura (Manga writer)
  • Kinzo Sakura (Comedian)
  • Ayane Sakura (Voice actor)

Sakura is name of Shinkansen Train in Japan, which runs from Shin-Osaka to Kagoshima Chuo. This train is operated by JR West and JR Kyushu.

Sakura connect Shin-Osaka and Kagoshima Chuo via Shin-Kobe, Okayama, Hiroshima, Hakata, Kumamoto, with 4 hours of required time.

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What is the season of Sakura in Japan ?

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What is the most popular cultivar of Sakura ?

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Which is Sakura-Mochi ?

Is 'Sakura' used for first name ?

SAKURA is name of Shinkansen Train. Where does SAKURA run ?

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