Hello World !

My name is SHINTA+, Japanese blogger to introduce Japanese culture and get billion people be a big fan of Japan.

Thank you very much for your visiting this page. Kindly please be advised my brief profile as follows.

Name / Nationality

SHINTA / Japanese

What I would like to do for you

To clear your question and to satisfy your curiosity about Japan, I would like to write articles, based on my experience both in Japan and international, as one of Japanese.

  • To assist you to know Japanese culture
    • Traditional
    • Up to date
  • To provide information to you
    • to come to Japan,
    • to have experience
    • to enjoy staying in Japan

My Supreme Goal

  • To have billion people be a lover of Japan

I visited more than 20 countries. Now, I love all of countries where I visit. So I believe that to get visitor to Japan is shorter way to get a big fan of Japan.

I know that ‘No interest makes No visitor’. So I would like to try to get to know Japan, then get to come to Japan, and get to enjoy Japan through my blog.

Now, humankind is fighting against pandemic of COVID-19. I believe we will overcome it. And I really hope that people will come to Japan and enjoy Japanese culture with much pleasure. 

Thank you very much for your reading this page. In the end, I would like to write briefly about my experience in Japan and abroad, in further below.

Stay safe, and have fun!

My experiences in Japan

  • Japanese, Born in Japan
  • Lived in Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, and Yokohama
  • Worked in Osaka, Tokyo

My International Experience

  • Visited 20 areas and countries
  • Lived and Worked in 2 foreign countries (Netherlands, Singapore)
  • Studied English, French, and Dutch
  • Working in German based global company