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Do you love Japanese green tea? If you’re enchanted by its aroma and health benefits, you can’t miss this quiz! Answer these 7 questions to see how deep your love for green tea really goes.

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  • When is the harvesting season?
  • Where are the famous green tea production areas?
  • What is the oldest bottled green tea brand in Japan?

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Dive into the world of green tea and embark on a journey of knowledge!

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Japanese Green Tea

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When is the harvesting season for green tea?

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Which of the following is a famous tea-producing region that accounts for approximately 40% of Japan's domestic tea production?

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What is the name of this tool used for brewing tea?


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What is the name of this tool used for drinking tea?

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What is the common way of drinking green tea in Japan?

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What is the green tea brand that released the world’s first bottled green tea beverage in 1990?

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Which of the following combinations of green tea brands and manufacturers is incorrect?

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