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How familiar are you with Japan’s unique New Year customs? Take on this 9-question quiz!

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Learn about interesting facts and traditions of Japanese New Year while getting into the festive spirit!

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  • What greeting is used in new year day?
  • Where do people visit for ‘Hatsu-Moude’ ?
  • What is ‘Osechi’ ?

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Let’s discover new things about Japan’s unique New Year customs and events while having fun!

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Japanese New Year Day

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What greeting is commonly used after the New Year has begun?

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In Japan, there is a custom of giving children New Year's money. What is this custom called?

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What is the name of the small envelope used to hold 'Otoshidama'?

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In Japan, there is a custom called 'Hatsumoude' where people visit during the New Year. Where do people typically visit for 'Hatsumoude'?

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Which shrine or temple gathers the most New Year's visitors in Japan?

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What is one of the traditional New Year's foods in Japan called 'Osechi Ryori'?

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On January 1st and 2nd, there are three things traditionally considered auspicious if they appear in your first dream of the year: Mount Fuji, a hawk, and what's the third one?

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What is typically included as a bonus item in New Year's greeting cards called 'Nengajo'?

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On January 2nd and 3rd, a traditional New Year's event, the university ekiden relay race, takes place. Where does this race typically happen?

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