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How much do you know about Japan in May? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

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May in Japan is filled with beautiful nature and traditional events! Amidst the lush greenery of the season, why not take this quiz to enjoy Japan’s May even more?

Sneak Peek
  • What is ‘Kashiwa Mochi’?
  • What is ‘Chimaki’?
  • What is the origin of ‘Aoi Matsuri Festival’ in Kyoto?

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Aim for a perfect score and challenge yourself! It’s a fun challenge to enjoy with friends too.

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Japanese Life in May

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In the first week of May, there are many holidays. What is this period called?

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May 5th is a public holiday in Japan. What holiday is it?

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This is a traditional decoration called "koinobori." displayed in “Kodomo no hi”. What type of fish do you think it represents?

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Which of the following is considered auspicious to eat on May 5th and is called "kashiwa mochi"?

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This is a food called "chimaki," a traditional dish eaten on May 5th. What do you think is inside?

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In Japan, there is a custom of using this plant to do something on May 5th. What custom could that be?

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This is the scene of the "Sanja Matsuri," which takes place in May. In which city does this festival occur?

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The "Aoi Matsuri," held annually in May in Kyoto with a history of over 1500 years. What event is said to have sparked the beginning of this festival?

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The second Sunday of May is Mother's Day. What flower is popular as a Mother's Day gift in Japan?

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