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What comes to mind when you think of October?

Test your knowledge about Japan’s autumn events with this quiz!

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Sneak Peek
  • What is ‘Matsutake’ ?
  • What is ‘Sanma Fish’ in Kanji?
  • What is the name of post season baseball matches?

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This quiz will make you fall even more in love with Japan’s autumn!

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Japanese Life in October

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October is the harvest season for rice. What is the most commonly produced variety of rice in Japan?

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Which of the following is a high-end delicacy that is in season during autumn, known as "Matsutake"?

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What is the autumn-season fish "sanma" often likened to in appearance?


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The second Monday of October is a public holiday. What day is it?

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What is the name of the postseason matches where the top three teams from each professional baseball league compete?

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In the old Japanese calendar, October is referred to as the "month without gods." What do the gods do during this time?

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Which area in Tokyo do young people gather in for Halloween?

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