【November】Experience Japan’s Autumn! Check with the November Events Quiz

November, with its beautiful autumn leaves, is also a time for traditional Japanese events.

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Test your knowledge with this quiz and fully savor the charms of Japan’s autumn!

Sneak Peek
  • What dried fruit is made in November?
  • What is ‘Torinoichi’?
  • What day is November 22?

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Japanese Life in November

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Shichi-Go-San is a ceremony to pray for the healthy growth of children. What ages of children does it target?

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In November, the autumn leaves reach their peak in many places. What is this plant with beautiful red leaves?

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Then, what is this plant with beautiful yellow leaves?”

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November 22 is “Good Couple Day” in Japan. Why was this date chosen?

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This is a dried version of a certain fruit. What fruit is it?”

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What is a popular lucky charm at the Tori no Ichi festival?

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What region does ‘Satsuma,’ the origin of the name for the late autumn delicacy ‘satsumaimo’ (sweet potato), refer to?

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