[Top 5] Japanese events in November / What Japanese do in November

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’Shichi-Go-San’ is very traditional event in Japan, to celebrate growth of children. Shichi-Go-San means 7-5-3. Boys go to shrine or temple in 3 and 5 years old, and girls do in 3 and 7, with wearing traditional clothes.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Shichi-Go-San’

  • To celebrate growth of children
  • Boys in 3 and 5 years old
  • Girls in 3 and 7 years old
  • Go to shrine or temple with traditional wear

Children wear Japanese traditional wear, that’s nice !

Bunka sai / Gakuen sai

quotation source : https://www.rikkyo.ac.jp/campuslife/support/extracurricular_activities/festival.html

‘Gakuen sai’ is a campus festival in schools and universities in Japan. It’s generally held in autumn, October or November. There are many food stands, stage for presentation by students, etc. Many people visit there, to enjoy the festival.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Gakuen sai’

  • Festival in schools and universities
  • Open to people other than students
  • Food stands, presentation on stage, etc
  • Generally in October or November

Gakuen sai is nice to see culture of University !

Momiji Gari

’Momiji Gari’ is the activity in end of autumn, to go mountain or parks, to see autumn leaves. Momiji as Japanese maple is the most popular tree for autumn leaves, whose color is getting beautiful red in November, in Japan.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Momiji Gari’

  • Activity to see autumn leaves
  • Momiji is Japanese maple, whose leaves becomes red
  • Season is coming from north to south, mountain side to foot
  • In Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, it’s in end of November

Red and yellow leaves are so beautiful !

Pocky no hi

quotation source : https://www.pocky.jp

‘Pocky’ is very popular chocolate snack in Japan. Producer, glico established ‘Pocky no hi (Pocky day)’ as 11th. November. The reason is that the shape of ‘Pocky’ is similar to ‘1 (one)’. And 11th. November is the day with largest number of ‘1’ on a year.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Pocky no hi’

  • It’s on 11th. November (11/11)
  • It’s coming from Shape of Pocky, similar to 1
  • Producer, glico make promotion of this day
  • Getting popular year by year

Let’s try to have pocky on 11/11 !


Torinoichi is an event mainly in Kanto area, to appreciate having year and preparation to next year. In ‘Tori no hi (day of bird)’ in November, there are many of stand in shrines to sell ‘Kumade’ as item to bring happiness to owner.

When Japanese see news of ‘Torinoichi’, people feel that end of year will be coming soon.


Kumade in Torinoichi is very good design !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

5 major events in November in Japan

  • Shichi-Go-San
  • Bunka-sai, Gakuen-sai festivals
  • Momiji-Gari (Autumn leaves)
  • Pocky day
  • Torinoichi


In November, it is getting cold in Japan


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