【August】Discover Japan: Test Your Knowledge with 8 Summer Questions!

August is the most vibrant time of the year in Japan!

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In this month, Japan comes alive with summer traditions and unique ways of enjoying life despite the heat. Wrapped in cool drinks and breezy evenings, why not challenge yourself with a quiz about Japanese summer living?

Sneak Peek
  • What is a name of holiday season in August?
  • What is the traditional call for launching fireworks?
  • What is a name of blue colored shaved ice ?

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Japanese Life in August

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In mid-August, many companies close for a brief period. What is this time commonly referred to as?

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What kind of ornaments are commonly seen during the Obon period, especially in Eastern Japan?

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This is a scene from the night of August 16th in a certain city in Japan. Can you guess which city it is?

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Which of the following commemorative days related to World War II is NOT in August?

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In August, many fireworks festivals are held. What is the traditional chant shouted when fireworks are launched?

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Which stadium hosts the national high school baseball tournament, a symbol of summer in Japan?

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This is ‘Kaki-gori’ as shaved ice, a summer delicacy in Japan. What flavor of shaved ice is this?

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This is a scene from a summer night event venue in Japan. What do you think is happening here?

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