【#15】Japanese Life in June | Learning with Quiz Game by Japanese Creator !


Hello world, I’m SHINTA+, Japanese writer !

In this article, I would like to introduce ‘Japanese Life in June’, for the people who want to know ‘real’ Japanese culture.

Contents of ‘Japanese Life in June’

  • Rainy Season
  • Summer Solstice
  • Popularly flower in June
  • ‘Sakuranbo’ as seasonal fruits

This article is with selected photos and commentary by Japanese webmaster. You can learn Japanese culture with feeling sense of Japanese. You can access authentic information, in this page.

Advantages of this article
  • All commentaries are with Japanese perspective
  • All photos are selected with a Japanese sensibility
  • No need to worry about being misled by fake information.

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Benefits of Quiz Style
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Please enjoy !

What is the name of rainy season in June in Japan ?

How long is the daytime on the day of summer solstice in Tokyo ?

Which of the following flowers is in full bloom in June?

Who is celebrated on 3rd Sunday in June ?

Sakuranbo (Cherries) are in season in June. Where is the largest cherry-producing area in Japan?