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It’s rainy day…


Weather in June is not good in Japan..


I want to know how Japanese live this reason.


No problem, I would like to introduce Japanese June !

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Tsuyu (Rainy Season)

From beginning of June, Japan is in a rainy season. It continues generally till mid of July. In start and end of season, government office, JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) make declaration to people.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Tsuyu’

  • Rainy season, from June to mid July
  • JMA declare start/end of ‘Tsuyu’
  • No rainy season in Hokkaido, north Japan
  • Rainy season end in June in Okinawa island, south-west Japan

Rain, Cloudy, Rain, Cloudy… in June.

Mushiba Yobo day (Dental care day)

4th of June is the day, well known as ‘Mushiba Yobo day’ (Dental care day). On this day, lecture of dental care is provided in kindergarten, schools, etc. People pay attention to oral care.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Mushiba Yobo day’

  • It’s 4th. June
  • Lecture of dental care is made for children
  • 4th-10th. June is ‘Oral care week’
  • Local government, dentists support the activities for dental and oral care

Taking care of tooth in June !

Chichi no hi (Father’s day)

3rd Sunday in June is ‘Chihi no hi (Father’s day) in Japan. People express appreciation to father with small gifts. It’s less popular than Mother’s Day, however, everybody knows this event.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Chichi no hi’

  • 3rd Sunday in June
  • Appreciate usual support of father
  • Less popular than Mother’s Day
  • Various gifts are in the market, beer, shirts, ties, handkerchief, etc

I give coffee to my father every year !

Geshi (Summer Solstice)

‘Geshi’ is the day with longest daytime, in English, summer solstice. As it’s in rainy season, temperature is not in a peak, lower than July and August. Daytime is approximately 14.5 hours in Japan.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Geshi’

  • Summer Solstice, longest daytime in a year
  • It’s generally in rainy season ‘Tsuyu’
  • Not in a peak of high temperature
  • No specific widespread custom in this day

Daytime is long, however, no sunshine generally….

June Bride

Although wether is generally not so good, many of wedding ceremonies are held in this month. The custom of ‘June Bride’ was imported from western country. And now well known in Japan.

Couple generally make reservation of wedding ceremony well in advance, half or one year before marriage. The ceremony is held mainly in Saturday or Sunday, to invite parents and friends.


It’s said that marriage in June make couples happy !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

Major events in June in Japan

  • Tsuyu
  • Mushiba Yobo day
  • Father’s day
  • Summer solstice
  • June brides


June is in rainy season in Japan


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