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  • How long is the rainy season in Japan ?
  • What is the seasonal fruit in June in Japan?
  • How long is the daytime in summer solstice in Tokyo ?

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You might discover new aspects of history and culture that you hadn’t noticed before.

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Japanese Life in June

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In Japan, June is known as the rainy season called 'tsuyu' . On average, how many days does this rainy season last?

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There is region that do not experience ‘Tsuyu’ as Japanese rainy period. Where could that be?

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Which of the following flowers reaches its peak in June?

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Which of the following fruits is in season in June?

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What is the most commonly cultivated variety of cherries in Japan?

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How many hours does it take from sunrise to sunset in Tokyo on the day of the summer solstice?

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What live event, said to bring happiness when attended in June, is being referred to?

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