【What is life in June in Japan ? 】Trivia Questions & Commentary by Japanese webmaster !


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Topics of Trivia Quiz ‘Japanese Life in June’
  • What is rainy season ?
  • What is daytime of summer solstice ?
  • What is popular flower ?
  • What is Sakuranbo ?

This page contains a Trivia Quiz about Japanese life in June.

The photos in the questions are carefully chosen to reflect Japanese culture, allowing you to experience the essence of Japanese culture.

By taking this Quiz Game, you can assess your knowledge of Japanese culture and receive commentary on each question from a Japanese perspective.

Have fun !

What is the name of rainy season in June in Japan ?

How long is the daytime on the day of summer solstice in Tokyo ?

Which of the following flowers is in full bloom in June?

Who is celebrated on 3rd Sunday in June ?

Sakuranbo (Cherries) are in season in June. Where is the largest cherry-producing area in Japan?


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